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Smile Makeover

The smile of a person significantly contributes to his/her personality. A charming smile conveys the positive attitude that the person has to his/her life. Such a kind of smile can also bring a sense of well being to his/he peers. The importance of an appropriate smile therefore needs no further explanation! Adarsh Dental Clinic chennai, provides best smile make over treatments at low cost.

smile makeover in chennai, tamil nadu, india 

Although several people are blessed with a natural charming smile, there are others who are very much dissatisfied with their smiles. Some of them resort to temporary treatments like botox injections. The main disadvantage of these injections is that these provide the required smile only for some time. In addition, these have many side effects also. It is in this scenario that minimal invasive surgical techniques become relevant.


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Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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