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Immediate Denture

An immediate denture is nothing but the process of inserting complete or Partial Denture, immediately following the removal of a tooth. It is done usually on the same day by the dentist. Same Day Dentures are proven to be advantageous in several scenarios especially in immediate situations like when a tooth is at the very verge of falling down or is missing. In such cases, treatment becomes necessary and immediate dentures are at your rescue. It is carried out as such it looks perfectly identical to your natural teeth in context of colour, shape and arrangement. Duplication of your natural teeth to reproduce an identical one, to sort out the missing tooth is the primary aim through immediate denture process. Since immediate dentures are followed right after the extraction of a damaged or loose tooth, it acts as a band-aid protecting the surrounding tissues and reduces bleeding. In addition, it helps you pick up your speaking abilities quite early. Speech patterns are hardly disturbed and helps you cope with day to day activities in a better way than other procedures. It helps you chew the food more systematically and reduce facial distortion that may occur when a tooth is missing.

Immediate Dentures

The impressions of the mouth and tooth are taken by the dentist and the location is spotted where immediate dentures need to be fixed. It acts as a protective layer from external disturbances. If these Dentures are not properly fitted by your dentist, it can lead to swelling and other side effects. If symptoms like sore throat and swelling etc is noticed, immediate consultation with your Dentist is recommended. Do not let the symptoms worsen with time.

Like any other dental process, immediate dentures too take its own time to be effective. It takes ample amount of time to help the process of healing and one need to be patient & careful with the entire process. You may also notice that the healing may occur in a non-uniform and uneven manner. This is nothing to be worried about, as it the natural process leading to your recovery. Getting an immediate denture done at the right time and at the right way with a professional dentist can be a real milestone in your oral health.

Some are advised against the idea of getting an immediate denture due to obvious reasons such as other medical conditions or poor oral health. Your dentist will discuss with you the pros and cons of this procedure and the best decision is recommended. Immediate dentures are costlier than the other conventional dentures considering the fact that requires additional time & effort. Keeping all these factors in mind, one should make an ideal decision.

We, at Adarsh Dental clinic, provide immediate dentures to our patients closely observing and monitoring the condition in which they present themselves. The best suggestion suited will be recommended by our dentists. To book an appointment with us, call now at +91-44-24612461

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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