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Mouth Ulcer Treatment (Mucosal lesions)

Mucosal lesions and oral ulceration.
Oral ulceration and mucosal Lesions of oral mucosa is a common problem reported at dental clinic. It may arise due to mucosal biting, sharp edges of any food or teeth, hot food or tooth brushing. Some chemicals may cause damage to the cells and it leads

to lesions. For example direct contact of oral mucosa with aspirin may leave white plaques. These lesions are normally harmless and will be healed after some days. They confined to the outer lining of mouth called mucosa. But when these lesions penetrates to the muscular mucosa it may become severe and the condition leads to oral ulceration. Ulceration is also a common oral problem. But it may sometimes be the initial representation of some serious situations. In some people stress, food sensitivity, hormonal change, smoking also causes lesions and ulcers.


The important part in the treatment is early stage diagnosis of the problem. The oral cavity can be easily examined by a doctor with a torch light and a spatula. Ulcers are often painless however ulcers that progresses to involve deep tissues are painful. So many patient present the problem lately to the dentist. The duration of the lesion present, the color and size, the location, whether it is hard to touch, whether it is bleeding etc., should be examined by a health care professional. An ulcer that is not healed within two weeks and the ulcer forming on the same site repeatedly also should be examined. A blood test may be needed.
Most of the oral ulcers heals gradually. The Oral Ulcer Treatment is cause specific. Medication for symptom control may be required and antimicrobial treatment is also needed for secondary infections. Keeping oral hygiene is an important thing to avoid ulcers. A doctor can refer the use of an antiseptic mouthwash or spray. Also medicines can be used for reducing pain and avoid infection and inflammation. People with mouth ulcer may avoid too hot and spicy food which worsens the conditions.

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Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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