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Inman Aligners

“The newly advanced so called wonder braces that has won so many hearts of dentists and patients”
Inman Aligner is the best option to be chosen to straighten your teeth in a simple, torment-free and unique way. So far, every patient who wanted to have a tooth alignment treatment had only options to be chosen between the traditional metal / ceramic braces or Invisible Braces, which not only required a long term treatment but also tend to cost much more.The Inman Aligner provides a middle ground to the two extremes of braces and veneers, rather than being simply an alternative. It’s very effective at accomplishing the goals you want to achieve. Inman aligner has no complicated descriptions and medical jargon. It’s just something that does exactly what it says.


Are you an adult with fully developed teeth with minor tooth alignment issues?

Inman Aligner is often recommended for adults who need mild realignment and also prior to getting veneers or bonding fitted. Inman Aligners are also recommended as treatment in cases where there is mild relapse of the front teeth. The brace works by making small adjustments to your front teeth.

Are you feeling uncomfortable with your misaligned position of your front teeth?
If you have inappropriate tooth such as crooked teeth, wonky teeth, Crowded Teeth, overbite, open bite, cross bite or large spaces or gaps between the teeth. With any of the misalignment above, the teeth will not able to perform vital functions, which can also lead to serious consequences on your oral and digestive health, impact your confidence at work or in relationship etc. Inman Aligner can suit your needs and rescue you from such situations.

Are you worried about the cost of regular orthodontic braces and invisible plastic aligner (invisalign) to correct your minor misaligned tooth?
Previously minor misaligned tooth issues were addressed and have been corrected using costliest choices between fixed metal or ceramic braces and invisible braces. The development of newly advanced material ie., Inman removable aligners revolutionising the world of cosmetic dentistry can proved you same standards at affordable cost.

Are you worried about the time duration of the treatment?
When compared to the traditional way of teeth alignment, Inman Aligner takes relatively short duration of time. However, your treatment time will depend on how far the teeth need to be moved, and your dentist’s recommendations. Most cases of minor misalignment of the front teeth can be corrected in 6-18 weeks. This fast and effective treatment is ideal for realigning teeth in weeks instead of months at a time.

Are you thinking to feel uncomfortable with brushing and chewing foods if you were on regular traditional braces?
As Inman Aligners are removable, there are no issues with brushing your own teeth, which can occur with fixed braces. Brushing and flossing can effortlessly carry on as normal throughout treatment.
Are you a busy person who cannot wear a fixed orthodontic appliance and go for frequent dental visits?
Inman Aligner can minimize dental appointments to a great extend and  it  enable to  easily be removed for an important meeting/phone call. The dentist will also guide you how often you need to wear your Inman Aligners, and how you should care for them during your treatment.
INMAN ALIGNER, this so called “wonder braces” also helps you with few many other aspects. The more you talk about the reasons the more convincing it sounds because Inman Aligner is ready to treat every adult who are fit to its criteria, they can straighten your misaligned upper or/and lower front tooth in a short period of time at a very low cost without requiring its frequent replacements and dental visits. Th.e treatment duration is as small as six weeks  
Comforts of Inman Aligner:
It is easy to remove and clean.
It is cheaper than Invisalign and other traditional metal braces.
The results are rapid and you can identify results in just two weeks. Depending on the extent of your misalignment, the treatment duration can range from 6-16 weeks.   
All it requires is only one brace during the entire treatment process unlike aligners such as invisalign and traditional metal braces that requires replacements as treatment progresses
It’s the great solution for minor problem like crowding of the upper and lower front teeth that don’t require costly long term alignment procedure in adults.
Preferably do one arch at the time and if you only need to treat upper or lower teeth
Your Inman Aligner will look like a gum shield when you remove it. It’s important to note that Inman Aligners are available in white and clear options. As this option is more discreet, this is good news for individuals who aren’t keen to let anyone see they are wearing braces. 

We, at Adarsh Dental Clinic, are the first clinic to come up with such advancement procedure to practice as a registered Inman Aligner centre in Tamil Nadu. We provide you with utmost care, treatment of high quality and standards. Our attention to detail and dedication is what that makes us unique from others. Our team of specialized doctors are updated with all latest treatments available. To book an appointment with us, call now at +91-44-24612461.

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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