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Single or multiple tooth implants

Dental implants have several advantages when compared to the traditional tooth replacement options. It gives a natural look to the teeth and the implant-supported Bridge does not require support from the adjacent teeth. Treatments like fixed bridges or removable partial dentures suggested during the loss of a teeth require support from the adjacent teeth.

 single tooth implants in chennai, tamil nadu, India

There are many more advantages while preferring a dental implant Surgery. The implant-supported bridges replace some of the tooth roots, so that the bone that holds the tooth is better preserved. It is observed that with a fixed bridge or removable partial denture, the bone that surrounds the teeth deteriorate. The main reason why dental implants are always a better option Is because it integrates with your jawbone, resulting in a healthy and intact bone structure.

Implants are aesthetic, functional and comfortable in the long run. When a fixed bridge or removable partial denture procedure is conducted, the gums and bone can move forward or backward around it, destroying the natural look. It will ultimately lead to a collapsed and unattractive smile affecting the self-esteem of a person. Also, the cement that holds the bridges eventually tend to wash out, increasing the risk of tooth decay. The added disadvantage is that the removable partial dentures are unstable and tends to move around in the mouth. This will disturb eating food and can be completely exhausting in day to day life.


In conclusion, a single or multiple tooth implant does not affect your neighbouring teeth and is more healthy and dependable. The fact that it replaces the tooth roots, leading to better bone preservation highlights why single or multiple tooth implants are a better option for your dental health.

Listing out the advantages of single or multiple tooth implants, the main points to be noted are:

  1. Neighbouring teeth are not affected whereas in fixed bridges, the drilling of adjacent teeth is required.
  2. Implants do not decay with time.
  3. Flossing or clean is easier.
  4. Implants are stable or does not move around.

Dental implants in Single tooth replacement: To replace a single missing tooth, a dental implant supported Crown is used. The implant-supported crown does not only replace the tooth but also its tooth roots and it does not affect adjacent teeth. In addition, the crowns are highly customised. It can be made according to the individual varying needs of the patient and blends with the natural teeth to provide an original appearance.

Dental implants in Multiple tooth replacement: A bridge or denture is used when multiple teeth are lost or missing. A bridge replaces one teeth or few in a row whereas a permanent implant-supported bridge replaces three to four teeth and there is no appliance of crowns. A partial denture replaces several teeth and a full denture replaces the entire teeth of upper jaw. These are removable or fixed types. It takes nearly four to six implants for a denture to be optimally stable and hence, they never go out of place.

If you are one among many with a missing tooth or teeth, waiting does not help. The more you prolong it, the more your jawline degenerates and this can affect healthy neighbouring teeth as well. Contact us, Adarsh Dental Clinic, for dental implants to schedule an appointment with our experienced and specialised team of doctors. 

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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