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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are devices used in cosmetic dentistry to serve the purpose of protecting teeth and gums from injuries. It is commonly used in various dental procedures such as tooth bleaching etc. It is known in several names such as mouth protector, mouth piece, gum shield etc. The advantages to this particular device is several and hence, it is sought after and recommended by several dentists to their respective patients.

mouth guards

The use of mouth guards was initially seen in the sport of boxing to clench the device between their teeth as a mean of protecting themselves from injuries that could occur during the game due to teeth grinding. Any injury that can affect your teeth and face affects your entire personality and self-esteem. This is where mouth guards come in picture especially if you are an athlete or sportsmen.It prevents injuries to your teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, face or jaw. It is a great way to protect your upper teeth as it is more likely to get injured than your lower teeth which is further back. Moreover, it also protects the soft tissues in your cheek lining, tongue and lips.

Mouth guards are also highly recommended in patients with sleep apnea due to the risk of teeth grinding in sleep. A mouth guard should be your first priority if you are an athlete from the early stages of practice. It is an essential and vital athletic gear that should be a part of your routine. It not only helps prevent injuries but also gives you a sense of self-protection. When it comes to the life of an athlete, he or she is definitely at the risk of getting injured even outside the sport. This is said in the light of other non-contact activities such as gymnastics or skating.

Mouth guards are basically protective gears that one can choose with no doubt. There are different types of mouth guards one can opt. It is best to see your dentist or orthodontist before choosing a mouth guard. The various types of mouth guards available are listed below:

  1. Custom-made: These mouth guards will be designed or made by your dentist particularly for you. They are usually more expensive as they are created according to individual preferences for better comfort.
  2. Boil and Bite: These are available in sports stores or drug centres. They are less expensive compared to the custom-made mouth guards and hence, it is the second-best option in the list when it comes to a budget-friendly choice. One has to follow manufacturers instructions before using them strictly. It is to be first dissolved in hot water and inserted so that it fits according to the shape of your teeth.
  3. Stock: This particular type of mouth guard is cheap and made to insert instantaneously. The major disadvantage is that it may not fit well unlike custom-made and boil & bite type mouth guards.

It is extremely important to choose the mouth guard that suits your mouth for better protection and your dentist can help you to choose it. Also, mouth guards should be taken care of and has to be replaced if any signs of damage or irritation is seen.

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Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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