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Dental Cysts

A cyst formation is defined as a collection of tissues with liquid or soft mass in it. A cyst can form in several types of tissues though, the most commonly observed is in face and mouth. When this type of cyst formation occurs around teeth or in adjacent teeth, it is known as a dental cyst. Cyst formation is not something that happens over a night.

dental cysts

It develops gradually and can lead to complications such as weakened jaws. Dental cysts should be handled with caution since it can affect the surrounding healthy teeth and also, the pain associated with severe cyst formation can be severe. There are different types of dental cysts.

A few and the most commonly reported ones are listed below:

  1. Periapical cyst: The most common type of cyst observed. This type of cyst results due to the death of the pulp tissues inside your teeth. This will further aggravate the release of toxins due to the inflammation.
  2. Follicular cyst: It is seen usually in the lower teeth or in teeth that have not completely developed. In this case, the follicle wears out due to immense pressure. Blood flow is affected and leads to weakening tooth.
  3. Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumour or KCOT: This is the next type of cyst to be alarmed of. The chance of this cyst occurring is mostly in a place where the tooth development originally took place. Typically observed around the lower jaw.

Cysts occur as a result of dead tooth or tooth not developed completely. With the growth of bacteria around the dead tooth, the cysts slowly form. Cysts are diagnosed with an X-ray or MRI, since its hard to spot them with the naked eye. It is important to treat them to prevent further complications or harm to your teeth in the future.

A cyst can be equally traumatic to the person due to the pain and swelling in the affected region. Also, the fact that it can wear out neighbouring teeth or even lead to tooth decay is pretty scary! Hence, Endodontic therapy is given in patients with cysts where the infected pulp in a tooth is removed to avoid the risk of further infection. It is a simple procedure where the root of teeth is cleaned with a needle-like instrument.

We, at Adarsh Dental Clinic, treats dental cysts with utmost care and advanced technologies. Our dedicated team of doctors can suggest you the best treatments available through our specialised set of team and immense knowledge. To book an appointment with us, call now.

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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