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Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is done for mainly two major reasons. One is to improve the appearance of teeth whereas the other purpose is to protect the teeth from gum recession. Receding Gums or Gum recession is defined as a process where the tissue surrounding the teeth is pulled away from it, leading to exposure of tooth or tooth roots. It is a very common condition among people. At first it appears as a negligible issue but becomes severe over time. People may not notice that their gum health is declining gradually over time. However, when it becomes more exposed and deteriorated, they realize the issue. Exposed tooth can cause many other issues such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay and tooth mobility. Receding gums is an alarming condition and if it is left untreated for long time, it can lead to tooth loss. To deal with such a situation, gum grafting is the procedure usually recommended by the dentists.

Gum graft procedure can be of different types. It may vary according to the requirements of the patient. It may include:

  1. Pedicle grafts: In this procedure, the grafting is done taking gum around or near the tooth that require treatment. The pedicle is removed in half and the edge remains attached. The gum is pulled down and sealed to the location further to avoGum Recontouring in Chennai, Gum Reshaping, Gummy Smile Correction in Tamil Nadu, India at Adarsh Dental Clinic with affordable gum contouring cost in chennaiid exposure of tooth roots. The availability of plenty of gum tissue around the teeth is necessary for this procedure.
  2. Connective-tissue grafts: The most widely used method to manage and treat root exposure is the procedure known as connective tissue graft. In this procedure, a cut is made at the palate of the flap and tissue beneath is removed and attached to the gum tissue which surrounds the exposed root. The tissue seen under the flap is known as subepithelial tissue.
  3. Free gingival grafts: Free gingival grafts are bit similar to that of connective-tissue graft. The procedure involves the use of tissue from the palate. In this procedure, a sample of tissue is removed directly from the palate and is attached to the infected gum area. This procedure is usually carried out in people with thin gums as it is more ideal for them.

The best choice of treatment suited for you is decided by the doctor after a proper check-up and diagnosis is made. The dentist will give you instructions to follow after the procedure. It may include medication, physical activities and diet. A special type of mouth rinse is advised for the patient by dentist to prevent spread of infection. To control the spread of further infection, drugs are prescribed after the treatment. You might also be suggested to have soft food after the surgery. The discomfort due to pain and uneasiness is normal and the severity depends on the type of procedure you have undergone. The wound may heal quickly. The surgery may have the complications of a general surgery including inflammation and infection. It may take one or two weeks to heal completely. Any unusual symptoms such as continuous bleeding, severe pain, bruising and swelling is seen or noticed, immediate consultation with your doctor is mandatory.

We, at Adarsh Dental Clinic, provide Gum grafting treatment depending on your requirements. Our dedicated team of doctors will be at your service to choose the best type of treatment ideal for you. To book an appointment with us, call now at +91-44-24612461

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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