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Gum depigmentation

Gum depigmentation is a cosmetic procedure done for aesthetic reasons. Normally, the color of the gum tissue (gingiva) is pink. But, in many people it may not be so. Some of them will have certain black spots or patches and makes their smile awkward. It can be caused due to different reasons. Excess deposits of melanin or long term use of certain medication can be the reasons. Some may have small spots or blotches on the gums whereas some may a complete black gums. Black gums indicate that, all or most of the gums are affected. People with gummy smile have more problems with this. But, it can be removed completely with simple surgical procedures. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the pigmented areas and get you the natural pink color back.

The technology has improved and use of laser in treatments has become very common. Depigmentation can be done using laser. Laser can wear away the melanocytes which produce melanin. Reducing the production of melanin can also reduce the discoloration or dark spots on the gums. Laser gum depigmentation can make the gums lighter and make the gum color more uniform. Laser treatment will not have the complications of bleeding, pain and other post operative discomforts. The wounds will take almost four days to heal completely. Depigmentation will not occur again during the follow up treatments after the laser treatment. Laser is considered to be a most reliable and satisfactory procedure.

As a result of the treatment, your smile will look more beautiful and healthy. It can accelerate the rate of confidence in an individual. In rare cases, people may have itchy gums for a short period after the surgery. The treatment may require only one visit. Apart from surgery, some doctors may use bleaching solutions or chemical agents. But, it may not give a long lasting and satisfactory result. Gum depigmentation is not medically dangerous. People fear of depigmentation due to cosmetic reasons.

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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