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Finding out from your Dentist that its another https://www.dentistinchennai.com/about-us/meet-our-teamcavity can be pretty devastating news. But cavities are a common incidence in many, even though there are multiple ways to keep your dental hygiene at its peak these days. Everyone experience cavities in teeth at least once in their lifetime and with the development of dental industry, cavities are no longer a complex issue to handle. All you need to do is to get a tooth filling done by a dentist.


Dental fillings are not only preferred for cavities but also for broken or damaged teeth and for teeth that have worn down over time. Direct filling and indirect filling of cavities are performed based on the need of the patient. There are different types of dental fillings available in the market depending on the complexity and composition. We are providing the following procedures as listed below:

  1. Amalgam fillings: This type of filling is used from long back and it is a mixture of various metals such as mercury, tin, copper or zinc. They are inexpensive and dependable. The major disadvantage is that amalgam fillings can change in texture and colour over time. It darkens with prolonged use and the mercury content in its composition has limited its use.
  2. Resin or glass ionomer fillings: Commonly used in kids. Mostly used for primary tooth decay or areas of small decays found.

Fillings are widely used across the world by several dentists to prevent tooth decay and to bring back teeth to normal condition. When choosing the type of filler for you, it is always better to get an expert advice from your dentist. Your dentist can determine the type of filler suitable based on factors such as your age, extent of damage and cost.

The entire procedure of tooth filling revolves around the following steps:

  1. Topical anaesthesia to numb the teeth and avoid pain
  2. The removal of decayed teeth and shaping the space for filling
  3. Etching- the use of an acid gel before placing the filling
  4. Resin application for a stronger filling
  5. After placing the filling, the tooth is polished for the final look

Teeth sensitivity and pain can follow after a tooth filling. It is common and will subside with time. Dental hygiene should be taken seriously after a filling and your dentist will suggest the products to choose for better oral hygiene and sensitive gums. Dental fillings last for a long time but can gradually wear down with time due to chewing. If there are signs of damage or irritation, one should reach out to the dentist for a replacement.

We, at Adarsh Dental clinic, offers amalgam & glassionomer filling procedures to choose from. Our team of professional and qualified doctors will provide you with the best treatment options available in the market. We are a dedicated team of doctors and will be at your service. To book an appointment, call us now!

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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