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Pregnancy Dental Care

Taking good care of your dental health is always important at every stage of life. Especially in the case of women, they will have to face many turning points in their life. Pregnancy is one among them. It is the period when women seek utmost care and concern. The first measure you have to take when you are pregnant is to inform your dentist that you are pregnant. He/she can help you in giving right instructions for dental care during pregnancy. Clean your teeth at home and seek professional cleaning also.

If you found any issues, do not go for dental x-rays. During pregnancy, dental x-rays should be taken at extreme concern. Control your diet, so that bacteria do not attack your tooth. Following good practices as always will prevent most of the issues. Remember, no one else can care for you like you! We, at our dental clinic provide all the facilities and services especially for dental care during pregnancy. We can be the best partner to help you out in caring your tooth.

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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