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Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is an injury to the teeth or the region of periodontium such as gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone or the lips, tongue etc. The study based on traumatic dental injuries are commonly known as Dental Traumatology. In simple words, we can tell these are injuries that could occur in day to day life such as during an accident, falls, fights or sports. It may look like a minor injury, mostly in the form of chipped teeth. The entire teeth are rarely knocked off or dislodged and may seem harmless. But the fact is, this can be more severe and need

immediate dental check-up by a consulting dentist. It can also cause injuries to surrounding teeth which goes usually unnoticed and can be found through a thorough dental check-up. Hence, dental traumas that occur in daily life should never be taken lightly.Endodontists are usually preferred in the case of a dental trauma due to their vast knowledge and specialization regarding the same. Dental traumas can occur anytime and since it needs immediate treatment, the availability of an endodontist is vital. According to a recent study, conducted to determine whether people with dental traumatic incidents are more prone to oral cavity cancers, concluded that the sites of dental traumas are at a higher risk of occurrence of oral cavity cancers. This further explains why dental traumatic injuries should be taken seriously. Preventive methods suggested in the light to avoid orofacial injuries include the use of mouthguards strictly for athletes.

When a patient with traumatic dental injury is approached for consultation, the dentist or endodontist usually carries out an initial physical examination of the head, face, neck and also, assessment of injuries to nearby structures such as facial fractures or head etc is done. This is followed by radiographic imaging tests such as CT Scan, radiography of the teeth etc. The treatment plan is structured based on the type of injury i.e. if it’s a fracture, avulsion or luxation. Antibiotics are administered if the site of injury is at the risk of infection. The treatment varies according to the severity and type. Hence, dental traumas require a proper diagnosis or assessment by an endodontist.

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Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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