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Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer located at the Oral cavity. it is otherwise called Mouth Cancer. Like other cancer types it is any cancerous tissue growth. It appears like sores or lesions in the mouth which doesn't cure. The areas affected are lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, cheeks, hard and soft palate, throat and sinuses. It may go life threatening if not treated.Mouth Cancer Diagnosis is most important.

The main symptoms of mouth cancer are swellings, lumps, rough spots on any part of mouth, velvety white or red patches, bleeding, unexplained loss of feeling or pain in any area of mouth, persistent sores that bleeds easily and not cured for more than two weeks, difficulty in chewing swallowing and speaking, unexplained loose teeth and drastic weight loss.

Diagnosis and treatment

  • The most important stage in cancer treatment is the early stage of identification.
  • It will reduce the risk and also improves the chance to get cured. So a routine dental check up is necessary and if any symptoms appear make sure it is not cancerous by a specialist. A biopsy may be needed for diagnosis. In biopsy some cells from the suspicious area are collected and examined for cancerous cells.
  • The treatment of oral cancer is like other cancer treatments include a surgery to remove the malignant tissues and radiation or chemotherapy according to the conditions of the person and stage of the cancer.
  • The first way of treatment is surgery. Through this the cancerous tissues are removed. But this is possible only if the affected area is not large. The second way is radiation therapy, through radiation the cancerous cells are destroyed. According to the stage of disease and condition of the patient it may perform independently or along with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is another way in which cancerous cells are destroyed using strong medicines. Usually this is done along with radiation therapy.
  • Also, after and during radiation therapy for cancer we need to take care of oral health as the teeth are prone to decay.
  • Also, we need to provide special devices to prevent excess damage caused due to radiation.
  • Also, our team of Prosthodontist help you replace functional part of the oral cavity which has been removed due to tumor surgery. 

In a study conducted in the United States shows that 75% of cancer is due to the use of tobacco. So get yourself away from tobacco, alcohol and it's product. Follow a healthy and balanced diet and do routine checkups with your dentist.

We, at Adarsh Dental clinic, will be at your help by providing you early diagnostic procedure to identify cancer and guide you to management alternatives for oral cancer. Our team of specialized doctors will be at your service and suggest you the best treatment pattern. Book an appointment now

Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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