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Facilities and Services

Digital X-Rays-OPG /Radiographs

Before deciding about the adequate treatment, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis. OPGs, digital X-rays etc are employed for this purpose.

Diet and Nutritional Counseling

Good dental health is associated with balanced dietary habits. Additionally, nutritional requirements may vary from persons to persons. Appropriate nutritional and diet counseling is given before and after treatment.

Conscious Sedation

People fear of going to dentist thinking of the pain that they have to face during treatment procedures. We are here to provide the comfortable treatments for our clients. We stand for safety and comfort of the patients. That is why we choose conscious sedation. Sedation makes treatment painless and comfortable. You will not feel the pain but, you will be conscious so that, you will be able to respond to the doctor’s commands. Most of the treatment procedures can be administered using conscious sedation. We will discuss with you before applying sedation to know whether you are willing for the same. Our aim is to provide the best care for you.

Needless injections

Needle less injection is a familiar term for most of the people. It is meant for people who fear of injections using needles. Due to this, many of the patients avoid visiting dentists. We understand the needs of our patients and we value them. We use the most modern technologies and equipments to assure your comfort. We use needle less injections for the treatments. Needle less injections do have many benefits. We are happy to provide the services according to the requirements of our patients.

Comprehensive Consultation

A dental consultation is a non-invasive visit with your dental care provider where you can discuss your issues, concerns, and treatment options.  We at Adarsh Dental clinic will help you explore all the options available by asking leading questions to help you determine which approach  will be the  best for your  personal needs. Identifying the cause of your problem or exact diagnosis is the key to the success of any treatment. Specialized doctors at Adarsh Dental clinic offer every patients with comprehensive consultation as you deserve to get the care and treatment that’s the best fit for you.Besides carrying out the examination, your medical history is reviewed to recommend you the best treatment. Adarsh Dental Clinic follows a holistic approach to the consultation that each and every aspect of the health condition is reviewed.

Advanced dental equipment

Dental equipment is the workhorse of the practice. Today’s advanced equipment technologies have demonstrated their ability to improve the efficiencies of the average dental practice. Hence as equipment has a key role in dentistry in ensuring quality care for a desired result of treatment. We at Adarsh Dental clinical always upgrade to have a high-end range of state-of-the-art equipments to every patient benefits such as

3D-CBCT, Digital OPG, Digital X-ray technology, Intra-oral camera, laser dentistry and sedation dentistry equipped with ECG and pulse-oximetry, an alternative to a traditional dental drill, Periotest which  measures the degree of implant mobility inside the bone,  Intra oral scanner, and other recent advancement.

Multiple Payment Options

At your consultation, our dentists will be happy to discuss payment options and our administrative staff will be happy to contact your insurance provider, if you have one, to determine what portion of the bill you’re responsible for. Most of our offices will typically provide one, but if not, you should request a written estimate for the procedure. Many of our offices will separate the bill into several smaller payments to ease the strain on your budget. We at Adarsh Dental clinic offer you quality dental care at affordable rates and there are different options for you to make the payment. You can make a hassle-free payment via cash, credit or debit card, e-wallets, internet banking, Religare, Neft transfer, Cheque.

Hygiene and Sterilization Zone

In adherence to international standards related to Hygiene and sterile premises at hospitals, Adarsh Dental Clinic follows a 'no-compromise policy' regarding steps to be adopted to maintain a hygienic and sterile zone at the clinic. Cleanliness is maintained in the clinic. At Adarsh Dental Clinic, we frequently clean and sterilize reusable dental instruments, devices. There is a dedicated area for sterilization activities using B- class autoclaves, Quickclave, steam sterilization, chemical wipes and disinfectants from Germany.
Doctors and support staff at Adarsh also follow other infection control measures such as hand washing before and after contact with patient contact, use of antimicrobial solutions, hand washing before and after each treatment session, wearing gloves, single use of gloves. Eye protectors and mask are used by the medical team to ensure infection control. Proper care is made that dental gloves are discarded after each session/patient. In the clinic we make sure that dental blouses are changed daily and washed separately.


Adarsh Dental clinic has ample vehicle parking facilities. Those coming to the clinic are requested to park your vehicles at designated parking bays only. Please do not park in 'no parking zones' such as emergency entry/ exits,  other as.  Kindly follow the instructions by security personnel for your convenience. To ensure better security double check your car door and window/ sunroof closed before leaving the area.  Parking inside the hospital will be at the owner’s risk. All vehicles should be taken to parking area once the patients or the visitors are dropped at entrance. 

Wheelchair Ramp

Have you ever to consult a doctor, but became disappointed on arrival at the clinic that there’s no way to manoeuvre your wheelchair through the doorway?  Keeping in mind '' accessibility to all '', we have installed a wheelchair ramp of international standards at the clinic so that even a wheelchair-ridden patient can move freely to the doctor's room, without any difficulty. We believe a wheel-chair ramp is not just one of the amenities at a healthcare institution. It is actually a step towards providing accessible medical care for those face challenges in movements.

Aesthetically Designed Clinic

We at Adarsh Dental clinic aim to provide all treatment in a friendly environment which ensures that the patient is comfortable, devoid of anxiety and most important pain free. We always ensure that this factor is addressed. We continue to work in the direction to treat every patients with all comforts and facilities that we  can offer a patient go a long way in reducing anxiety and our ambience has been created carefully to put all patients at ease. The Doctors of Adarsh Dental Clinic also have been trained to handle all patient related work and queries especially in Dental health & Hygiene with a great degree of patience and finesse backed with world class infrastructure and equipment.


Authored By Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal - Dentist, Chennai

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